Dr. Uday Shankar – Weight Loss Surgeon (Dubai)

Dr. Uday Shankar - Weight Loss Surgeon (Dubai)

Have you been suffering from obesity and looking for the best weight loss treatment in town? If the answer is yes, then Dr. Uday Shankar is a renowned bariatric surgeon in Dubai, ready to help you explore all the proficient weight loss management options in town, and within your set rates. With 20+ years of experience in laparoscopy surgery, Dr. Shankar is noted to be a certified surgeon by EAS-BS.

In order to help you reduce belly fat, Dr. Uday Shankar in Dubai would love to offer different types of bariatric procedures. Some of the noted ones over here are gastric bypass, mini gastric bypass, sleeve gastrectomy, and also revision bariatric surgery.

He is known to work in one of the best weight loss clinics in Dubai, where he is supported by a team of well-trained nurses and helping hands. He takes care of every patient with ultimate guidance throughout to make the surgery the safest notion to consider. Apart from the surgery, you will get the perfect post-op care support from the best weight loss doctor in Dubai.

We will provide individualized Whatsapp support plans to all the patients, which is why our laparoscopic bariatric surgery from Dr. Uday Shankar in Dubai is gaining worldwide popularity these days. Not just surgical support, but patients will receive psychological support from our side as well. Here, my peers along with the weight loss doctor near me will help each other in motivating and going through the whole process.

Dr. Uday Shankar ensures to host group meets from time to time as “Bariatric Support Group Meet.” Here, all the previous and current patients come together to share their valuable experiences regarding obesity treatment from Dr. Uday Shankar in Dubai.


Dr. Uday Shankar holds the prestigious title of MBBS, DNB (Surgery) FACS (USA). He got his training from IRCAD, France in Advanced Laparoscopy Surgery. Furthermore, he got awarded a diploma in laparoscopy Surgery.

Later, Dr. Shanker went for specialized training in Revision Bariatric Surgery from Dukes University, USA. Here, he learned about the value of healthy weight regain after the initial surgery. He is a reputed bariatric doctor near me whom you can trust blindly.

With 20+ years of experience, Dr. Shankar from Dubai is known to perform so many successful routines. For the last 7 years, he has been practicing bariatric and weight loss surgery and got pretty well in the process. In Dubai, he is known to have performed 500+ surgeries already, which clearly portrays his skills well.

His experience and learning:

In order to learn more about the weight loss procedures and the bariatric Surgeon himself, it is vital to chalk out his experience and learning first.

Dr. Uday Shankar did his post-graduation in General Surgery in Delhi. Later, he joined the Christian Medical College & Hospital. Finally, be went to study in IRCAD France and covered Advanced Laparoscopy Surgery.

In order to enhance his career as the best bariatric surgeon in Dubai, he received specialized training from Dukes University in the USA where he learned a lot about revisional weight loss surgery. Later, he was awarded the Fellowship of the American College of Surgeons in the USA.


Other than providing you with the answer on what bariatric surgery is, Dr. Uday Shankar is also here to talk about his philosophy toward his treatment plans. He surely believes in a simple strategy. According to him, it is better to not cause harm to anyone and provide the best care and treatment that every patient deserves. He takes care of patients much like he takes care of his own family!

Dr. Uday Shankar:

If you are looking for the best gastric mini bypass help in Dubai, Dr. Uday Shankar is a renowned name you can trust for help. He is a noted bariatric surgeon in Dubai, offering general and laparoscopy surgeries to the needful patients.

Top-Notch Surgeon in Dubai To Help Reduce Weight through weight loss surgery

Special interest areas:

  • Overweight: Helping you to curb overweight through proper weight loss routines in Dubai
  • Obesity: Providing top-class Gastric bypass in Dubai to curb obesity
  • Weight management: The power of Sleeve Gastrectomy in Dubai for weight management
  • Weight gain: Focusing on Mini Gastric bypass and natural diet plan for healthy weight gain

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You can rely on our weight loss program in Dubai, which will help you to get rid of unhealthy fatty accumulations from different parts of the body. Our staff is well-trained to offer the best weight loss service with behavior modification and professional guidance throughout.

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