Gastric Bypass Surgery Dubai

Gastric Bypass Surgery Dubai

Reduce Weight Simply By Going For Gastric Bypass Surgery

Our team from Dr. Uday Shankar in Dubai would love to help you to reduce weight by providing the best gastric bypass surgery. In this scientifically proven procedure, we will create a small stomach pouch of around 50 to 80 cc to restrict the amount of food intake normally.

After that, for a better weight loss routine, our doctor will attach a Y-section of the smaller intestine to the pound. It will allow the food items to bypass the lower stomach area and a bit of the intestine to reach the limb start. This procedure of Gastric bypass helps in reducing the calorie intake amount and helps the body to absorb the necessary nutrients proficiently.

Gastric Bypass

Our Sleeve Gastrectomy procedure in Dubai is a renowned process and it is also known as rerouting. Creating a small stomach will prevent you from consuming too much food, especially junk ones. Due to the Y-shaped connection, you are not just going to restrict food digestion, but also the absorption of the bypassed segment will help in the required weight loss routine.

So, next time you are looking for the best Mini Gastric bypass, make sure to book an appointment in Dubai with Dr. Uday Shankar.

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