Mini Gastric Bypass Surgery Dubai

Mini Gastric Bypass Surgery Dubai

Mini gastric bypass – preferred weight loss program

This isn’t the first time when you are looking for a scientifically advanced weight loss program. Well, your search for weight loss service comes to an end once you have chosen us at Dr. Uday Shankar in Dubai. We are all set to offer you mini gastric bypass help, which has been proven to be a solid weight loss treatment among crowds for a long time.

In mini gastric bypass surgery, we will be making a gastric tube of 15 to 18cm to bypass a portion of the small intestine from the original space to the gastric tube. It helps your stomach to have a restricted food amount and feel full at the same time. With less eating practice, you can opt for top-class weight loss management from us in Dubai.

Mini Gastric Bypass

This operation is a perfect mix of the half sleeve and half bypass. It helps in creating a long tube and the intestine is bypassed at the same time. However, in this routine, only one connection is made in place of two in the standard bypass routine to reduce belly fat. So, that helps our patients to intake fewer food items, resulting in a proper weight loss routine.

The next time you are aiming for top-notch mini gastric bypass surgery, contact our team at Dr. Uday Shankar in Dubai for solid results.

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