Revision Bariatric Surgery Dubai

Revision Bariatric Surgery Dubai

Best Weight Loss Clinic In Dubai Provides Revision Bariatric Surgery

You might have been looking for the best weight loss clinic in Dubai. Well, your search comes to an end, once you have come up with Dr. Uday Shankar from Dubai. Noted as the best weight loss doctor in Dubai, he is happy to help you with the revision bariatric surgery.

Thanks to our well-trained bariatric Surgeon, you will receive remarkable weight loss results now. However, after going through a successful operation, some patients fail to maintain the aftercare steps, resulting in regained weight. Well, that’s when our best bariatric surgeon from Dubai will offer revision weight loss surgery.

The main goal of this surgical procedure is to help with primary weight loss failure or if patients have regained weight after the initial surgery. Laparoscopic surgical procedures are taken into account in Dubai. Sometimes, Dr. Shankar might opt for open surgery in case the previous surgery resulted in scarring.

Revision Bariatric Surgery

Under revisional surgery, there are different options available. Some of those are failed sleeve to mini gastric bypass, gastric band to sleeve, failed RYGB or MBG to distal bypass, and more. Our bariatric weight loss surgery is proven to be the best not just in Dubai, but all across the globe. So, get in touch with Dr. Uday Shankar now to help maintain a healthy weight throughout.

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