Sleeve Gastrectomy Surgery Dubai

Sleeve Gastrectomy Surgery Dubai

Top-Notch Sleeve Gastrectomy In Dubai

Whenever you are looking for the best revisional surgery that can help improve your healthy weight, then Dr. Uday Shankar from Dubai offers the best treatment plans possible. Our gastric sleeve process focuses on ways to reduce the current size of the stomach. It is a top-notch stomach surgery to lose weight in Dubai, under strict guidance from Dr. Shankar and his team. The change in the stomach size will allow a person to eat less in one go.

Furthermore, this form of bariatric weight loss surgery will help in tilting the hormonal balance towards eating calorie-centric diet plans. During this bariatric surgery procedure, we will operate and remove ¾ of the stomach by dividing the same. It helps in reducing the intake of food amount to be eaten at one go and resetting the hormonal balance as well.

Sleeve Gastrectomy

Through this weight loss operation, our patients in Dubai can lose around 60 to 80% of their previous weight. It is one effective surgery from Dr. Shankar in Dubai, which will surely satisfy the patients, right from the get-go. Even the bariatric surgery cost is towards the minimalistic side so that you don’t have to burn a hole in your pocket.

Now, after going through this process, patients will feel full after having a small meal. It furthermore, helps in changing the body’s energy dynamics from its preservation to the expenditure mode. So, you get the chance to eat less and burn some more calories to keep your body in shape.

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